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What Does It Mean To Be The Modern Day Man?

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28 men from different backgrounds, doing amazing things in Houston, TX were all asked the same question… I love these kinds of questions. They give you pause and give you the opportunity to really reflect. Ultimately, for me it’s about affecting the people around me for the better. It’s about the people around me being better […]

Do you believe in Work-Life Balance?

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A few things from me to consider.  I break my life into the “Four F’s”. Family Finances Fitness Philanthropy (get it… it sounds like an “F”)  😉 These four areas could easily lay on top of Friedman’s work, home, community, and self. The next point to consider is that I don’t think life-balance is practical. […]

Zeus is One of the Best Places to Work!

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Here is the Company Gossip!     If I have said it once, then I have said it a million times, “Zeus Mortgage Bank is one of the best places to work”.  AND it all comes down to the amazing people!!! We have a quarterly planning meeting where we review the past, present, and future of […]

The Comedian’s View of Entrepreneurship!

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The Department of Labor claimed a farmer was not paying proper wages to his help and sent an agent out to investigate him. Department of Labor employee: I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them. Farmer:  Well, there’s my farm hand who’s been with me for 3 years. I pay […]

What Skills Make You a Successful Real Estate Investor

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Hello Everyone:   This was an interesting question.  Recently, my ten year old daughter asked me what my strongest attributes were in business and it took me by surprise for many obvious reasons.  Here is a short recap of my thoughts on this question and my interaction with my daughter.   My number one go […]

Houston Business Journal Recognizes New York Mutual Investor Lender!

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Today the Houston Business Journal recognized New York Mutual president, Steven Kaufman, for his work with Zeus Mortgage and New York Mutual for being one of the fastest growing real estate investor lenders in Houston, Texas. The Baldest Guy in Houston!

The Fanatical Change Foundation – The Mission!

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                         Fanatical Change Foundation – Mission from Present The Vision on Vimeo.

Zeus News!

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Zeus Fun Factoids (well, as much fun as mortgage facts can be). In December 2011, the average monthly payment on a 30 year mortgage in Houston, Texas for principal and interest was $1,046 which is down 9% year over year. Government purchase applications increased 7% sequentially while conventional purchase applications increased 9%. Said another way, […]

Off The Coast of Zanzibar Book Reviews – The Baldest Guy In Houston (Zeus Mortgage Complaints)

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Steven Kaufman Off the Coast of Zanzibar by Greg S. Reid & Steven Kaufman Motivational Business Allegory Encourages Readers to Welcome Coming of Age Once Again “Here it was. The biggest physical feat he [observant business owner, father and husband, Karl Patrick] had yet attempted. Part of him felt satisfied […]