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Steven Kaufman: Midlife Male

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What a great conversation this was about business, people, and life. Check out my interview on this podcast for Midlife Male by Greg Scheinman. Find out my theory about the 4 F’s. What do you think about Purpose, Passion, and Work/Life Blend?

What Does It Mean To Be The Modern Day Man?

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28 men from different backgrounds, doing amazing things in Houston, TX were all asked the same question… I love these kinds of questions. They give you pause and give you the opportunity to really reflect. Ultimately, for me it’s about affecting the people around me for the better. It’s about the people around me being better […]

What’s Up with Millennials and Home Ownership?

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Why do Millennials wait so much longer to purchase homes? What are their biggest concerns? What do they need to know? How can we help this generation appreciate the value of home ownership? I’ve certainly observed the trends and as a result, I’ve come up with some why’s and how’s. Check out my new article […]

“Social Credit Score”…What?!

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Is your behavior naughty or nice? It could mean the difference on whether you succeed or not in the not too distant future. Technology already exists for governments and corporations to keep track.  Sounds like something right out of science fiction, I know.  But I think it’s just a matter of time.  The question is, […]


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The Houston Business Journal just held their event where they named the first honorees for the “Most Admired CEO” award. The team was enthusiastic and proud. Friends and acquaintances were congratulatory. In truth, it was both an exciting and humbling experience.  It’s the kind of thing that causes you to become a little introspective. As […]

Presenting Real Estate Tech On Great Day Houston

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Real estate apps have made searching for real estate easier than ever.  On May 20, I was on Great Day Houston to show how you can search for real estate right from the palm of your hand. Watch the video here to see how!

Customize What? Your Houston and Dallas Texas Mortgage Can Be Customized…

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As you may already know, most mortgages are done on 15 or 30 year terms with most mortgage companies offering a 10 and 20 year term as well.  We have found that a lot of times those options are not the best for our clients, and more importantly, is not what they truly want as […]

How to avoid P.M.I. (Private Mortgage Insurance)

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What is Private Mortgage Insurance (P.M.I.): Private Mortgage Insurance reimburses the lender if you default on your home loan. You, the borrower, pay the premiums. You may have heard that you need to put as much as 20% down to avoid paying PMI, this can cost you thousands upfront and throughout your loan as well […]

How to Buy 10 Homes in 10 Months with only $10,000

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How to Buy 10 Homes in 10 Months with only $10,000 On April 14th and 15th I will be leading a course at the Realty Investment Club of Houston (The RICH Club) in Houston, Texas. This course is designed for new and experienced real estate investors who desire rapid acquisition with limited capital resources. We […]