The Houston Business Journal just held their event where they named the first honorees for the “Most Admired CEO” award. The team was enthusiastic and proud. Friends and acquaintances were congratulatory.

In truth, it was both an exciting and humbling experience.  It’s the kind of thing that causes you to become a little introspective.

As I read the individual write-ups, I remember how impressed I was by the thought-provoking questions HBJ asked the honorees to answer for these pieces. They were the kind of questions that made you pause.  One was: “How would your employees describe you as a leader in one word?” There were a lot of excellent answers given: empowering, focused, accessible, compassionate, dedicated, passionate.

It’s easy to just throw out the first one that comes to mind, but stop and think for a second. How would your employees or colleagues describe you as a leader in one word? How would you want them to?