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7 Hacks Leaders Use to Build Trust in Domestically-Disbursed Virtual Teams

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The #1 cause of failure in all teams is a lack of trust.  Employee satisfaction and performance are directly correlated to organizational trust.  Increasingly, U.S. organizations are taking advantage of the many benefits of placing employees in virtual teams.  The benefits of remote workers include a reduction in travel and real estate costs, an increase […]

What Does It Mean To Be The Modern Day Man?

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28 men from different backgrounds, doing amazing things in Houston, TX were all asked the same question… I love these kinds of questions. They give you pause and give you the opportunity to really reflect. Ultimately, for me it’s about affecting the people around me for the better. It’s about the people around me being better […]


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The Houston Business Journal just held their event where they named the first honorees for the “Most Admired CEO” award. The team was enthusiastic and proud. Friends and acquaintances were congratulatory. In truth, it was both an exciting and humbling experience.  It’s the kind of thing that causes you to become a little introspective. As […]