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Why Residential Investors are Moving to Commercial Real Estate

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Not all successful real estate investors get their start investing in residential properties, but most do. The reasons why are pretty simple: It requires a lot less money to get started, in some cases, and there are more options for investment, from flipping houses to buying homes as long- or short-term rentals or leasing commercial […]

Commercial Real Estate Investing in the Time of Coronavirus

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No question about it: These are interesting times. Oil prices recently hit negative value, and a novel coronavirus has kept most of us home for months. The stock market has bounced around like crazy, causing lots of investors to lose their shirts. Who could have predicted it? Well, many economists sort of did. There is […]

7 Hacks Leaders Use to Build Trust in Domestically-Disbursed Virtual Teams

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The #1 cause of failure in all teams is a lack of trust.  Employee satisfaction and performance are directly correlated to organizational trust.  Increasingly, U.S. organizations are taking advantage of the many benefits of placing employees in virtual teams.  The benefits of remote workers include a reduction in travel and real estate costs, an increase […]

You Should Really Move Your IRA into Real Estate

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If you know me, you know that I’m an evangelist for real estate investment. I think it’s the best, most stable class of investment available to investors large and small, and I’m constantly urging everyone I know to add smart real estate purchases to their portfolios. Usually, people agree with me, but some aren’t sure […]

Zeus CrowdFunding Thrives While RealtyShares Dives

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Why RealtyShares Is Closing Its Doors RealtyShares, one of the oldest and largest real estate crowdfunding companies, is closing its doors to new business and laying off most of its people.  Why? No one outside of RealtyShares can know for sure. But it looks like their business model simply didn’t work in the long run. […]

“Social Credit Score”…What?!

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Is your behavior naughty or nice? It could mean the difference on whether you succeed or not in the not too distant future. Technology already exists for governments and corporations to keep track.  Sounds like something right out of science fiction, I know.  But I think it’s just a matter of time.  The question is, […]

Focus on Current Problems or Create a Future – Reverse Engineering Success?


Q:  Evaluating solutions and answers can give you ideas on how to start working to make a difference and improve.  It could also, on the opposite side, help you to see where you want to end up/finish, and then work backwards to make it happen.   It is not about focusing entirely on the current situation […]

My Dad Was Pretty Weird – A Tribute


Alan Kaufman My dad was pretty weird! If you never met him then let me create a little picture for you.  Alan was one of four brothers and clearly the black sheep in the family.  He certainly grew up with a slight learning disability and he spent most of his working life as a mechanic, […]

Zeus Mortgage Bank Named One of “The Top 10 Mortgage Employers of 2016”


I’m excited to announce that National Mortgage Professional Magazine has named Zeus Mortgage Bank one of “The Top 10 Mortgage Employers of 2016.” Read the full article here!

Real Estate Investors Are Busy… Here are 9 Time Wasting Myths to Avoid!


A great new article on “9 Time-Wasting Real-Estate Myths to Avoid”