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Zeus CrowdFunding Thrives While RealtyShares Dives

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Why RealtyShares Is Closing Its Doors RealtyShares, one of the oldest and largest real estate crowdfunding companies, is closing its doors to new business and laying off most of its people.  Why? No one outside of RealtyShares can know for sure. But it looks like their business model simply didn’t work in the long run. […]

Houston Business Journal Recognizes New York Mutual Investor Lender!

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Today the Houston Business Journal recognized New York Mutual president, Steven Kaufman, for his work with Zeus Mortgage and New York Mutual for being one of the fastest growing real estate investor lenders in Houston, Texas. The Baldest Guy in Houston!

Houston Mortgage Interest Rate Update

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Question: Can you offer me any feedback to what interest rates are doing right now? Answer: Mortgage interest rates are continuing to rise, but at a slower pace than previously predicted, and occasionally a week or more goes by without an increase in rates. There are even brief periods when rates decline. At this writing, the average […]

Real Estate Bubble in Houston…. Fact or Fiction?

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Is Houston headed toward a real estate bubble?  The recent report by Trulia as gotten a lot of consumers concerned about current and future home prices in the Bayou City.  Now that Austin and Houston have reached the top 10 most over valued cities for real estate should you buy, rent, or renovate? FOX 26 […]