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How To Invest in Real Estate with Little or No Money Down?

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“How to Fund 10 Deals in 10 Months with 10K” Instructor:  Steven Kaufman, Zeus Mortgage February 10 & 12 at 6:30pm Cash is King!  Or is it?  This class teaches you strategies to fund your real estate portfolio.  Whether you are flipping, buying and holding or considering niche opportunities like Notes, owner-financing, multifamily, commercial or other, […]

Real Estate Bubble in Houston…. Fact or Fiction?

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Is Houston headed toward a real estate bubble?  The recent report by Trulia as gotten a lot of consumers concerned about current and future home prices in the Bayou City.  Now that Austin and Houston have reached the top 10 most over valued cities for real estate should you buy, rent, or renovate? FOX 26 […]

What’s My Name?

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This is pretty cool!   The distinguished surname Kaufman is a proud symbol of a Jewish culture, which is found in many places world-wide. In the Middle Ages, it became necessary to adopt surnames, since people were moving closer together, and it was becoming difficult to distinguish between people with the same names. The surname […]