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What’s My Name?

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This is pretty cool!   The distinguished surname Kaufman is a proud symbol of a Jewish culture, which is found in many places world-wide. In the Middle Ages, it became necessary to adopt surnames, since people were moving closer together, and it was becoming difficult to distinguish between people with the same names. The surname […]

Awhhhhh shucks!!!! – Steven Kaufman (the Baldest Guy in Houston)

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April 11th, 2014     RE:  The RICH Club Presentation by Steven Kaufman “Debt Engineering” Steve, Thanks for your presentation. It really broaden my vision. You are a great speaker. I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Yours, Peter

Steven Kaufman – The Baldest Guy in Houston – Mortgage Compliment of the Day

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Good Morning Steven, Thanks for taking that time yesterday to walk us through your organization strategies.  I don’t usually drink the cool aid at these type of deals but sincerely found the information useful and will start implementing immediately.  Just wanted to say thanks. Sincerely, Brian Gerdes, Realtor®  Keller Williams Realty

2014 Mortgage Mastermind in Houston, Texas

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Dear Friends,  One of my resolutions is to coordinate a Mortgage Mastermind group in 2014.   WHAT: The intention and agenda for the Mortgage Mastermind is to build peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.   WHEN: The meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Friday morning of the month at the Black Walnut on Memorial and Asbury (5512 […]

Debt Engineering at the RICH Club! | Steven Kaufman of Zeus Mortgage speaks to Real Estate Investors on Debt Structuring

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RICH Club Presents:The Main Event and Trade ShowRICH Conference Center4220 Lockfield St.Houston, TX 77092 Keynote Speaker: Steven Kaufman, CPA, MsEDETopic: “Debt Engineering”   My Secret Tricks for Startling Easy Proven Guaranteed Results forEngineering Debt so it Builds Wealth vs. Consume It. Most people would want to know right away if what they thought they knew about money was wrong.  Today […]

Here’s Why I Love Pot Smokers!

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Here’s Why I Love Pot Smokers!  First, I do not smoke pot.  I’ve never really liked the stuff. Second, I really really dislike cigarette smokers who throw their cigarette butts on the ground, out the window, or do that Elvis twist thing to put it out.   Have you EVER seen a pot smoker anywhere […]