Here’s Why I Love Pot Smokers!

Here’s Why I Love Pot Smokers! 

First, I do not smoke pot.  I’ve never really liked the stuff.

Second, I really really dislike cigarette smokers who throw their cigarette butts on the ground, out the window, or do that Elvis twist thing to put it out.  

Have you EVER seen a pot smoker anywhere in the world throw their joint on the ground? No, they smoke that thing until it looks like they glued their fingers together with Super Glue and couldn’t pull them apart, even if they wanted to.  

They even sell pot tweezers to help them save every last millimeter/seed.  

When was the last time you found a roach on the ground from a pot smoker in a rush… these are people who really respect the community and never liter.  

Even people who walk their dogs pick up the poop in little blue bags, but cigarette smokers can’t seem to use an ashtray.  

I’m undecided about pot smokers who also smoke cigarettes. 

“130 million cigarette butts will be littered in Texas alone this year.”
–Texas Department of Transportation

Don’t be a butt – Pick up your butts.