Steven Kaufman Reviews | Reviews of Zeus Mortgage President Steven Kaufman

Thank you to Steven for his incredibly lively and supportive talk regarding branding and marketing 
-Marjorie Kass

I really appreciated Steven Kaufman’s candor and authenticity.  I just wanted you to know that this chick left Canopy fired up and ready to go and I wanted to thank you for providing a space which allowed that to happen  
-Chriselle Palay

Steven brought a fresh perspective on strategic financial planning by sharing his personal story. It was a pleasure to listen to him and gain knowledge I can use in my own personal journey of growing my business of helping my clients meet their financial goals 
-T.K. Stewart

Steven, Steven, Steven,

Honestly, I already respected your business acumen, however, I do even more now. They say, to know if a person is a true entrepreneur, let them lose it all and build again. WOW!  

You deserve every award and accolade that you’ve received thus far. 

Thanks so much for coming to share your knowledge with us this morning. I and the group totally appreciated it, and I appreciate you personally. 

I learned some very important things from you and I’m so glad that I brought you in to talk about money.
-Kristi Jackson