Zeus is One of the Best Places to Work!

Here is the Company Gossip!    

If I have said it once, then I have said it a million times, “Zeus Mortgage Bank is one of the best places to work”.  AND it all comes down to the amazing people!!!

We have a quarterly planning meeting where we review the past, present, and future of the enterprise.   This year we delayed the first one and just had our mid year report.

Here is some of the anonymous feedback from our team on their experience in the meeting:

Amazing! thanks for everything!
Great info to help me to better understand the direction of the company’s growth
Inspiring – I’m excited about learning more and growing more and being BETTER!
Away from the office –  having the meeting offsite is a very good idea. Pulls people out of their natural work environment which makes it more special and opens people up to think about things other than their current tasks.
Thank you for always being a leader and pushing me forward/out of my comfort zone.
As always – I feel empowered afterwards
Love the comfy atmosphere
Great job conveying the message that you wanted to today.
This was a great meeting where we as a group got to see what Zeus has in store for the future and for us.
I loved that there was no way to not learn anything from this meeting.
Thank you for the best meeting.
NEVER skip this meeting again, EVER. It’s a great part of what makes us great.
I have a better understanding of making space for the work you have planned!
Grateful for the openness and for the respectful challenges.
I liked that there were many opportunities to interact with each other.
The meeting was much better that expected and although I am anxious to have to commit to something. But I welcome the challenge to do something that I have never done before.
The venue and the meeting style was great and I look forward to our next one.
Lunch              A         (Great atmosphere to socialize + converse w/ colleagues)
Venue              A+       (You know my position on thins 😉)
Content           A         (very motivating + inspiring meeting)
I appreciate how you give us the tools to better ourselves + grow in both our professional and personal lives.
Great rundown on quarter number, seeing where we need to improve.  How you are willing to work w/ each of us to make us better. Looking forward to have a one on one to pick you brain.
Dear Steven
This was my first Quarterly meeting at Zeus. The venue and the presentation were well planned and presented.
I enjoyed the fact that despite of many issues and failures by the departments your presentation was structured in a way to assist all of us.
I appreciate the time and effort put into planning this event.
Please include more reports and statistics from other departments so that there will be more feedback on the graphs.
This was great!


Did you know that we are consistently ranked as one of the best places to work? If you know someone who wants to experience what its like to work for an amazing company then please email us at hr@askzeus.com.