Do you believe in Work-Life Balance?

A few things from me to consider.  I break my life into the “Four F’s”.
  1. Family
  2. Finances
  3. Fitness
  4. Philanthropy (get it… it sounds like an “F”)  😉
These four areas could easily lay on top of Friedman’s work, home, community, and self.
The next point to consider is that I don’t think life-balance is practical.  From a pragmatic standpoint, I believe in life-blend.  At certain times, parts of your life will need you more than others and you have to be able to blend them together to satisfy all of your needs.  I use the metaphor of juggling, and the four areas of your life represent balls.  Your family and finances are glass and your philanthropy and fitness are rubber.  You need to juggle all four balls.  The two most important balls can never be dropped or they will be damaged and the other two, if they are dropped, will easily rebound back because they are rubber.  I use this metaphor in my life-blend model to be highly productive in the important areas of my life.
The one area that I always want to give more time is my family which includes my children and my four siblings.  One of the things I recently did was schedule a monthly conference call with all of my siblings so we can update each other on what is new in our lives. It was been great and I highly recommend this.
Good luck juggling all of the important aspects of your life.
Onward and upward!
Steven the Speaker!