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Off the Coast of Zanzibar by Greg S. Reid & Steven Kaufman

Motivational Business Allegory Encourages Readers to Welcome Coming of Age Once Again

“Here it was. The biggest physical feat he [observant business owner, father and husband, Karl Patrick] had yet attempted. Part of him felt satisfied enough with what he had seen to turn back, grab the next flight out and go home to his family.”~ Excerpt from Off the Coast of Zanzibar

Opening at the bottom of Mount Kilimanjaro, entrepreneur Karl Patrick is in a good place. He is getting a chance to work on his bucket list while keeping his business afloat and maintaining a great relationship with his wife and son.

Despite his track record, Karl can’t seem to ignore the ever present feeling that he seems to just be floating by and dare he say it: feeling a tad empty.

The physically exhausting journey induces Karl to recall memories of trials and tribulations he had with himself and his work. At one point realizing, “I’ve been so anxious about failure lately, that I haven’t been able to enjoy my work much at all.”

As Karl negotiates each step across the terrain, he brings homage to the people he’s met and for sharing their wisdoms he found so useful at his times of hardships. He is pleasantly surprised to find those same life nuggets coming in handy during the trek.

Thus Karl comes full circle along the expedition, realizing that his times of difficulties and the growth he has endured serves as an anchor for him to move forward. He finally sees he can launch from the landing pad he has created for himself.

This fast-paced tale enlightens readers as much as the main character. Tellingly, Off the Coast of Zanzibar features expert commentary and co-authorship from a variety of great mentors who are also available for interviews and appearances:

Steven Kaufman’s insights on trusting the experience in life and business.

The story is a salute to everyone’s coming of age. As Karl Patrick’s deepest-held fears subside, readers are inspired to want more from their own lives. Just as important, like Karl, they are given a memento of tools for actively pursuing their own most fervently cherished ambitions.

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Author: Steven Kaufman, CPA is a principal in Zeus Mortgage where he has coordinated over a billion dollars in real estate financing for companies like American Express, Hewlett Packard, and Exxon Mobil. Zeus Mortgage is the 37th fastest growing private financial service firms in the US according to Inc. Magazine. Steven is frequently interviewed by local and national news organizations like FOX, ABC, CBS, CNN, and Bloomberg on the current financial markets. Steven completed the Strategic Marketing Management Program at Harvard Business School and has a Masters Degree in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston. Steven’s enthusiasm, energy, and insight provide a unique experience during his discussions and presentations. Visit to contact Steven.

Off the Coast of Zanzibar
by Greg S. Reid & Steven Kaufman

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