Three Ways To Motivate Your Employees

Summer is here and with it comes a lack of concentration and possibly even the summertime blues in the office. It’s hard not to think about European escapes, a weekend getaway to Galveston for a quick beach trip or even just a day off for a staycation. When employees spend most of their time longing to get away from the office, it hurts productivity and workplace morale – but there’s still hope 

Here are three ways to motivate employees to come to work excited and ready to get their work done during those lazy summer days.
  1. Team bonding:
    This may seem like a given, but many companies don’t know how to execute this well. Zeus Mortgage implements a new team exercise every month. On Friday afternoon, their team participates in a specific challenge chosen for that month. For example, one month focused on yoga and another month they sampled various types of coffee from around the world. It doesn’t have to be big, and there doesn’t necessarily need to be money spent, but when people know they are apart of a team, it makes them feel more connected and promotes a positive atmosphere. 
  2. Open environment:
    An open environment doesn’t necessarily mean having an open floor plan, but focuses on encouraging open communication. If employees feel like they can’t join a conversation or are too afraid to voice their ideas, opinions or grievances, there is a problem. It may sound cliché, but having a team that works in harmony can never lead to disrupt in the work place. This is something that helps not only during summer, but all year long. 
  3. Summer hours:
    Many businesses already incorporate this, but it can be a successful tactic if done correctly. Hours may vary – half day Fridays, no working on Fridays at all, etc. – but if employees can look forward to an incentive, they will work harder during the week to finish projects on time and produce great work.
It doesn’t take too much to encourage employees to stay in the work frame of mind, but remember they aren’t machines – everyone needs a break. Plus, there’s plenty to do in Houston during the summer, and no one wants to be left out!