How To Spot The Cancerous Employee

When a body has a tumor, sometimes it’s simply an annoyance to remove. A quick surgery to return your body back to normal. Other times, it’s cancerous. If not dealt with promptly, it will grow and spread and infect healthy parts of your system. Office organizations, at times, will encounter one of these “cancerous” employees […]

Four Ways To Save On A Mortgage

With more individuals, families and businesses moving to Houston, it’s no surprise that the real estate market has boomed in recent years. However, the market can be fickle and unforeseen circumstances arise that sometimes make it hard for mortgages to be paid. The following four tips can help individuals and families save on a mortgage. […]

Six Myths About The Mortgage Industry

It’s graduation season and now, more than ever, there is an increase in the amount of college graduates moving to metropolitan areas. Houston is near the top of the list of cities growing with these young professionals, and this age group is the main force behind the housing marketing in 2015. However, many of this […]

30 Year vs. 15 Year Conundrum

Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions of your life. Knowing and understanding which home mortgage loan type to choose is critical. The first step is choosing the right type of loan. Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages are the most common, but there are also Veteran Affairs, Federal Housing Administration, balloon, interest-only […]

I Agree With Foreclosures: Buyers Should Pay Their Bills On Time

Life is a game of circumstance, chance and decisions. Let’s face it, people sometimes make irresponsible decisions and are then surprised or devastated when the consequences of those bad choices come to life. The most common bad decision I see is buyers signing up for mortgages they can’t afford or can afford in the beginning […]

3 Easy Ways to Pay-off a Mortgage Faster

The Houston real estate market has never been hotter! This is great news for families who have been able to earn more equity, get top dollar and maximize their profits from selling their homes. For families who want to keep their home, try using one of the following tips to pay-off a mortgage faster, help […]

Zeus Mortgage Awarded the 2015 BBB “Award for Excellence”

Zeus Mortgage, a leading mortgage lender, announces the company has officially been awarded the “Award for Excellence” by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for the third year in a row. The BBB Education Foundation will honor BBB Accredited Businesses and Charity Partners that maintain a superior commitment to ethics and overall excellence and quality in […]

Houston’s Top 5 Outer Loop Neighborhoods

At a certain point in our lives, it’s time for some of us to leave the city behind. We trade the bustling streets of downtown for quieter communities outside the 610 loop. While suburbs have long been thought of as havens for soccer moms and bored teens, Houston’s outer loop communities have grown in atmosphere […]

Falling Oil Prices and Its Impact On the Mortgage Industry

The current environment surrounding falling oil prices has affected consumers and producers around the globe, with fear that the recent plunges could cause the home prices to fall as well. However, that’s not the case. Energy stocks are being compared to the housing market in the U.S. after the subprime mortgage crisis. Triggered by a […]

Top 5 Neighborhoods To Watch: Houston’s Inner Loop

Houston’s inner loop properties have long been sought after, but there are a few areas in particular that are quickly bought off the market. If you’re in the market for a new home, take a look at these five hot spots: Braeswood Place, a little piece of livable luxury in the southwest loop, is mainly […]