Houston’s Top 5 Outer Loop Neighborhoods

At a certain point in our lives, it’s time for some of us to leave the city behind. We trade the bustling streets of downtown for quieter communities outside the 610 loop. While suburbs have long been thought of as havens for soccer moms and bored teens, Houston’s outer loop communities have grown in atmosphere and amenities.

Many outer loop neighborhoods have become top spots for prime real estate and for good reasons. These growing communities often offer small-city life with only a half-hour drive from the excitement within the loop.

  1. Cinco Ranch, a master-planned community known for its top-notch schools, used to be a suburb of another suburb, Katy. Now, it boasts a city center, La Ceterra, that hints at city life with bars, a Torchy’s Tacos and Trader Joe’s grocery store and a growing string of businesses off of I-99. As for the homes themselves, they’re often custom-built and on large lots – and are snapping up quickly.
  2. Houston may be the energy capital of the world, but many of its oil and gas headquarters are well outside the loop. The Energy Corridor is home to many of these companies and their employees. The area has homes in a wider price range and lot size.
  3. Looking for something a little more on the posh side? Try Bay Oaks. Further out than most, it’s located in Clear Lake and consists of large, luxury homes around a plush green golf course and country club.
  4. Sedona Lakes and its 900 homes were designed to provide a small-town atmosphere not too far from the city. It prides itself on its “Arizona ambience,” derived from the natural stone imported from the region.
  5. Meyerland is right on the outskirts of the loop. Just 15 minutes from spots like the Texas Medical Center and Downtown, it offers city living at somewhat lower housing prices and family-oriented neighborhoods. 

City life isn’t for everyone, but the suburbs can be just as exciting, especially with the rate of greater Houston’s growth. Do you live outside the loop and love your community? Tell me where and why in the comments!