3 Easy Ways to Pay-off a Mortgage Faster

The Houston real estate market has never been hotter! This is great news for families who have been able to earn more equity, get top dollar and maximize their profits from selling their homes. For families who want to keep their home, try using one of the following tips to pay-off a mortgage faster, help save thousands in interest expense and align home equity with significant life events such as retirement or college education.

1. Adding in an extra payment annually:A mortgage is a big undertaking – everyone dreads paying it each month. Homeowners could potentially save over $45,000 in interest and cut down the length of their mortgage payment by about 5 years if an extra payment is added in annually. Be ready to tighten budgets, and to spend an extra $100 a month on a mortgage payment. These extra $100 payments will be applied to the principal amount, and cut the loan little by little.
2. Set-up a bi-weekly payment plan:Many lenders don’t accept half payments, so try to set up a bi-weekly payment into another account. Put half of the payment in a savings account, then pay the mortgage lender from that account. This may sound a little crazy but by doing this, there are 13 full payments made instead of 12!
3. Refinancing to a lower interest rate:One of the most common ways to lower a mortgage payment is to refinance because it helps save on interest payments. There are usually fees that go along with doing this, but individuals can recover these after some time. By refinancing, especially in today’s economy, an interest rate can be lowered. Never forget to check if other companies can offer a better rate!
By using one of these simple tips, a family could save big on their mortgage by paying-off their mortgage faster, without sacrificing their lifestyle. Think about the type of mortgage currently being paid and how it can affect all financial aspects over time. These do not save everyone the same amount, but they do work for everyone.